March 24th, 2014

Ogólne zasady dodawania ogloszeń!
Zapoznaj się z zasadami forum, aby Twoje ogłoszenie było czytelne dla innych użytkowników, a tym samym zwiększ prawdopodobieństwo znalezienia swojego pupila.

Pilnie potrzebują pomocy
Wybrane przez nas zwierzaki, które pilnie potrzebują Waszej pomocy w leczeniu lub innych sytuacjach kryzysowych.

Zwierzaki schroniskowe – Adopcje
Dział dla schronisk, jeśli chcecie zwiększyć prawdopodobieństwo znalezienia nowego właściciela dla psiaków, możecie je tutaj zareklamować

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Do you love your dog more than you love yourself?

June 15th, 2015

Some people take care of their pets more than they take care of themselves. They take their pet to the vet and to special places where their dog’s hair will be cut and arranged, but these people do not take proper care of them. Many men who own dogs are affected by hair loss, but they resign with their appearance and prefer not to do anything about it. But even though male pattern baldness affects a significant percent of male population, according to WebMD, hair loss can be stopped and even prevented with Profollica.

Fight against male hair loss with Profollica

profollica dogThe hair recovery system promoted on the website profollicauk.org.uk is made of a health supplement, hair loss shampoo and activator gel that will work together against what causes the hair to fall. Although many men love their dogs more than they love themselves, it does not mean that their self-esteem will remain intact once they end up with an “M” shape over their scalp and with a hairline noticeably receded. Because Profollica gets to the root of the problem and addresses to hair thinning from inside out, men should use this powerful treatment and improve their appearance.

Profollica Hair Recovery System for men will fight against male pattern baldness, but it will also nourish the scalp and improve the health of follicles and hairs. If other factors threaten the health of hairs, they will be eliminated in a natural way with Profollica Hair Loss Products.  However, in most of 90% of all hair loss cases, genes and hormones are to blame hence male pattern baldness is predominant. No matter if you love your dog more than you love yourself, you should use this powerful anti-hair loss treatment to enhance the health and look of your scalp.

Containing in its formula herbal extracts, minerals, vitamins, amino acids and numerous nutrients that block the production of Dihydrotestosterone, Profollica dietary supplement will target the internal factors that cause the hair thinning in men. But these compounds will also nourish and repair follicles, strengthen hairs, hydrate skin, stop the hair loss and stimulate the regrowth of healthy hairs. The activator gel will be applied after the shampoo and both of them will block the effects of Dihydrotestosterone, revive the follicles and stop the hair thinning in men.

Your dog’s hair might require proper care, but do not forget about yours either. If you notice that your hair is thinning and your father was affected by this condition as well, it does not mean that you will end up with a large bald area on the top of your head. You can use Profollica Hair Recovery System for men and fight against hair loss with proper weapons. This natural treatment will offer significant results in only a few months of treatment, but the results will remain permanent. Use Profollica to stop and prevent the hair loss, stimulate the regrowth of healthy hair and recover the appearance of a scalp full of hairs!



The presence of your pet can lower your libido

May 21st, 2015

Pets are sweet and funny and they offer numerous satisfactions to their owners. But pets are also curious, and their constant fascination can make the owners feel embarrassed sometimes. If you are with your girlfriend and you try to spend some romantic moments together, the presence of your pet can lower your libido and ruin the entire moment. If you want to truly enjoy intimate moments with your lover, you know that you have to hide from your pet. In case if it does not work, you should use SizeGenetics.

SizeGenetics is the best male enhancement method to boost your libido

Osizegenetics dogccasional episodes of erectile dysfunction are common amongst men, based on WebMD. Your libido can be affected because of the presence of your pet, due to emotional issues, interpersonal problems, stress, fatigue, inadequate blood circulation to the penis and many other different reasons. SizeGenetics has been developed to enhance the blood flow to the reproductive system, to boost the libido, treat erectile dysfunction and increase the penis size in a natural, healthy and safe way.

The male enhancement method from sizegenetics-uk.org.uk is a medical device that exerts a constant force along the penile shaft. It delivers amazing results because the force applied stimulates blood circulation in the penile tissues, promotes new cells development and assists the healing of tissues so the erectile dysfunction will disappear and occasional episodes or premature ejaculation will no longer lower your self-esteem. The erections will last longer, sensations will be more intense, sex drive will be significantly improved and your confidence will reach new highs.

Because SizeGenetics traction device enables 58 different ways to wear the device, it certainly ensures ultimate comfort and men can use it anytime and anywhere, especially because it is highly discreet. But if you want to accomplish the best results and enhance penis length by up to two more inches, you have to use SizeGenetics several hours per day, for at least 6 months. But you do not have to worry about the actual size – SizeGenetics can adjust to any man, regardless of the size of his male sexual organ.

If the presence of your pet lowers your libido, you have to lock it in another room if you want to spend a delightful experience with your lover. SizeGenetics will facilitate your erections and harden them, helping you enjoy stronger orgasms and more pleasurable sensations. Your desire for sex will be significantly enhanced, your self-esteem will be higher and your partner will perceive you a lot more attractive than before. Since this medical device exerts a gentle force, it will not cause any negative side effects, it will not damage the blood vessels and there will not be any problems with your erections.

SizeGenetics is the best male enhancement option to boost your libido, especially if the presence of your pet or something else diminished your desire for sex. Use SizeGenetics to achieve the male enhancement desired and improve your sexual performances considerably!

Do you consider getting a dog?

April 7th, 2015

The decision to get a dog is not something you should get under an impulse. Raising a dog involves a lot of responsibility and if you do not respect and value yourself, your dog will not respect you either. Many women get a pet as an accessory, but they will ignore the dog when they will have problems, when they will be too tired or in a depression episode. If you decide to get a pet, you should first make sure that you are able to take care of another living creature. Women who want to enhance their self-esteem and feel better in their own skin should use Brestrogen, this highly efficient supplement developed especially for women.

What is Brestrogen?brestrogen dogs

The herbal supplement promoted on the website brestrogenuk.org.uk has already proved its efficacy in boosting women’s self-regard. Brestrogen is a natural breast enlargement cream that offers quick and effective results in only a few months. Women who use this powerful cream for about 6 months will make their breasts considerably larger, firmer, more youthful and appealing, their self-esteem will be enhanced and they will feel a lot better in their own skin.

A dog should not be an accessory to show off with. Do not get a pet only to enhance your confidence, because maybe you do not even have enough time in your life to raise a dog. Use Brestrogen to raise your confidence and add a noticeable increase in your breast size naturally, without experiencing negative side effects and without having to go under the knife.

Having a 100% natural formula and containing purified extracts of Pueraria Mirifica, Brestrogen cream stimulates cells in breast tissues multiply, lifting the breasts and enlarging their size naturally. The consumers who apply Brestrogen cream on a daily basis will not experience any unwanted side effects. But those who decide to go under the knife to get bigger breasts can end up with scars, infections, bleeding severe pain and even uneven breasts, according to WebMD. Furthermore, breast implants are temporary and have to be replaced after a certain time.

By enlarging breast size with Brestrogen women will achieve permanent results. You have to think ahead to your future, just like the idea of getting a dog. A dog will live for about 15 years, so you have to be responsible or at least learn how to become a person able to take care of somebody else than you. The costs should not be neglected either. Healthcare, grooming, training classes, toys, food, treats, they all are expenses you will have to make when having a dog.

Are you confident enough to get a dog? As you probably noticed by now, pets resemble their owners, somehow. Therefore you have to believe in yourself and your strengths if you want your dog to follow your example and be as brave and balanced like you. Use Brestrogen to naturally enhance your breast size and become more confident about you. Use the cream on a daily basis and enjoy the results within just a few months!

Why to build a treehouse

October 30th, 2014

It looks great and it is the dream of every child, but wooden houses for children it’s like a story that talks about passion, ambition and entrepreneurship. It matters more when you buy something or order something, to find out who are the people who make things or provide you various services. At least for me. So I have to tell you a bit about my friends who built houses in trees ideal for parks, gardens, hostels, hotels, resorts, camps or in your backyard.

As kids, you certainly do wanted to have a small treehouse – your little haven, a safe and warm place to store all your secret, away from your parents. Some of us still have the same little dream actually. In fact, in some countries, people do not consider the little treehouses as a exotic thing, but as a part of our everyday life. For example, in New Guinea or USA, the people of the some tribe live in houses on trees – vertical habitats enable them to protect their animals, their life and all their property from flooding and wildlife or other nature event.
Wooden houses are also for families like the one from cartoons, or just like the children. Small but spacious, equipped with everything that gives that air of childhood and play. Yeah, big people can play.
According to cooltreehouseplans.comthere are many people who are following their own dreams since childhood or maybe the dreams from now on, created an unique and peaceful space to relax and enjoy and recharge the batteries. Some of these houses are rented out, some of them are private property, offering their guests or owners experience like no other.
Do you would like to be a guest on some of these places? Take a look to these breathless treehouses that I found for you!!! They are absolutely gorgeous, built like the thing seem to have all the comfort you need. I strongly believe that they are the future of our homes and actually believe that the earth must be preserved. Thus we can plant a big garden enough in this case.
Houses of trees, some of them are made of wood, others have implemented a very nice glass verandas and airy large open entrance hallway and stairs sometimes too grandiose. And you wonder why more people do not live in them!
I call them older homes for adults and children, high wood in the tree in your own garden. Yes, you can also choose this option, then you build your own house in your own backyard. I find it very nice to you and you can arrive than just raising a childhood treehouse. But the little house is actually a full-fledged house with everything it needs.
That’s what I’ve seen of my friends recently and I found it a very interesting project and implemented good!

Source: treetopbuilders.net

What is Oxy Powder and how does it act?

October 8th, 2014

The pets, they make our life so much more beautiful and they stand by us day by day. Even if it’s a dog, a cat or just a fish, each of us need a companion to drive our loneliness away and love us. They are everyday with us, listening to us talking about our troubles, without contradicting us, and approving us with their kind look.
Studies were made and the result was that people who have a pet live with 5 years more than the ones who don’t have. And this is because a companion drives away depression. I think it happened to many of us to come mad from our job or school, and the caressing of the soft pet’s fur and the play with the animal drove away our black thoughts, and we escaped from the old stressful everyday work.
But for our fluffy companion to be happy and healthy too, it has to be taken care of. Our pet has to be vaccinated, fed, we have to clean after it, and if it’s a dog or a cat, it has to be walked outside, fact that involves other responsibilities like buying a collar anti fleas and ticks. And even with all these things to be done, it is still worth the effort for each of us to keep a pet that will take care of our physical and psychic health.
oxypowderYet, the psychic health isn’t enough for us to live a long beautiful life. Only because we are the owners of a pet, it doesn’t mean that we will momentary live longer. We have to have our part of responsibility, and this involves a periodical visit at the doctor and a healthy nutrition. But now we are living in the century of speed and we often forget to eat healthy food. We wake up too late in so many mornings, and scared that we would be tardy at our job, we give up on eating the most important meal, the breakfast. This is usually eaten later on our way, bought from a fast food. The fast food stores have usually tasty food but at a closer analysis, we can notice that it has so much fat and it’s very unhealthy. All the French fries are fried in burned oil, unchanged for days, and they affect our colon, and we risk very much. The studies proved that the colon cancer is a very often met disease in this reality full of rush, and it is most times, the disease without any symptoms that hits us unexpected, it is usually fatal for us.
With all of these, despite we eat anything we find on our way to work, we can prevent cancer. But for this is need of a periodical colon detoxification. One of the best natural product for detoxification is Oxy Powder.
Oxy Powder are tablets that have a powder inside them, with oxides medical used for cleaning the colon. These tablets have effects in constipation, loss of appetite, diarrhea or bad smelling breath, and in problems of weight, or head and back pains too.
Oxy Powder is preferred from all of the other medicines for cleaning the colon because it uses oxygen to clean, so that it has a gentle way of working without affecting the colon in any bad way. It is made only of ingredients of whose effect was tested in laboratory, and so preventing the secondary effects.
The advantages of Oxy Powder is that it has very good price and can be bought from pharmacies or online, and it is helpful in many diseases of the digestive system. The studies proved that over 4 millions people out of the country’s population suffer of constipation and they try to treat it using laxatives, the money spent yearly on those are over 700 millions dollars. All the investigations prove that the excessive using of laxatives cause addiction.
In conclusion, as we take care of our pets, the same we have to take care of our health, otherwise neither us or them will have a quiet life. Plus now it is so easy to take care of our health, owing to Oxy Powder that keep us away from diseases and lets us enjoy our fluffy pets!

Does your dog have warts?

September 25th, 2014

Having pets comes with numerous responsibilities. Despite the fact that owning a pet can be a very rewarding experience for your children, pets require proper care and attention. If you have offered your children a dog, you can be certain that your pet will teach your kids about dependability and responsibility. The affection of your dog and the valuable life lessons that he will provide to your children will fill your heart with joy and it will offer you some great memories.
wartrolBut you have noticed some warts on the skin of your dog and you are now concerned that your children can catch warts too. Well, there is nothing to worry about. Despite the fact that canine warts can spread easily from one dog to another, you should know that canine warts are not contagious to people. Canine warts are round, without smooth surfaces, while human warts are round and smooth.
Dogs under 2 years old are more prone to get warts, which typically appear on the muzzle, inside or even on their mouth. But these warts can also appear on the abdomen, eyelids or toes. Human warts usually appear on the feet, hands and genitalia and, just like canine warts, human warts can spread from one person to another.
Accordingly to http://www.webmd.com/, if you have any type of skin wart, you do not have it from your pets. You came in contact with a virus that causes warts, perhaps even a few months ago. Even if you shake hands with somebody who has warts on the skin of their hand you may catch them.
But you can use Wartrol buying from wartroluk.org.uk to get rid of the unpleasant warts. Being a powerful home treatment, Wartrol will safely remove human warts in a highly effective manner. Containing FDA approved ingredients which have been proven to work, this amazing treatment is also easy and painless to apply.
However, you should seek the advice of your doctor in case if there is any wart on your skin. Warts appear when you have human papillomavirus and this could lead to other complications. Many dermatologists recommend OTC treatments such as Wartrol for warts and the patients will get rid of the symptoms in short notice.
If your dog has warts you should take him to the vet, because your dog could develop cancers that may spread or even metastasize. The canine warts have to be removed surgically before the malignancy would spread. You will save the life of your dog this way. Do not assume that your dog is affected by harmless warts, because those warts could be tumors instead.
Thankfully, it is possible to prevent human skin warts by regularly washing the hands thoroughly and maintaining the skin as nick-free and cut-free as possible. Try to avoid contact with people affected by human papillomavirus and strengthen your immune system in order to give your body the ability to fight against bacteria and viruses. Take Wartrol to prevent warts from spreading and you will also soon escape of these signs.

What are the causes of losing hair?

August 27th, 2014

I would like to tell you a very interesting story. I have two very close friends of the same age as me, one being called James and the other one Andrew. Because I meet with them very often, sometimes I am forced to take my seven years old boy, Jimmy with me. A thing that amuses me very hard is that Jimmy always says “hello mister” to James while he says only “hi” to Andrew. I asked him one day why he speaks different to James than to Andrew. His answer was “because James is old”. I explained him that all three of us are the same age and I asked him what makes him believe that James is older than Andrew. He told me that James is older because he is bald.

provillusOn time, Jimmy’s words only seemed funny to me, that’s all. But, when my hair started to fall I realized I don’t really want to be “the old man” and I tried to stop this problem as fast as I could. What can I say… I tried anything that could be tried… Lots of treatments that I had seen on TV commercials and on the internet but none of the didn’t really help me… I didn’t really know what to do and I thought that if I know why my hair is falling maybe I might know how to stop this problem.

So… I made some personal research and I found out that men’s hair falls because of the dihydrotestosterone, a male hormone found in excess in the organism. This DHT stops the hair pollicles’ feeding with blood and the hair thread becomes thinner until, in the end, it starts to fall. Knowing this, I knew what treatment I should look for. Well, after I searched for a while I found on the website www.provillus.org a treatment named Provillus. It’s a pill that must be swallowed with water. This helps in stopping the problems I told you about.

Considering that I had already tried lots of treatments for hair loss I wasn’t afraid trying this one too. Anyway, I was sure it would not work.

Well… it didn’t work like that. This treatment was a long duration one (three months), but after all this time I could have seen an enormous difference. Besides that I had a much more voluminous hair, it was thicker and it had a more intense colour than before, it wasn’t falling anymore… even when I was combing it.

Im a pessimistic guy that thinks that any product will not make the promised effects, but this one really amazed me. It made me say a big WOOW because it worked perfectly and I am very delighted by the results given.

Returning to what I was telling you in the begging of this article, of course I did not recommend this treatment to James because he was trimmed bald. He wanted to be bald, he didn’t have a problem with the hair loss… It doesn’t matter anyway… At least, in the future, I won’t be “the old man” and I am very happy about this.

About Hair Loss and Solutions for it

August 13th, 2014

The importance of the hair in our lives is extremely high, not only because it shape our body, but helps us to seem beautiful and younger. When you begin to lose hair, it falls our confidence.

Hair loss affects both women and men and the most common cause in 95% of all cases, called genetic alopecia.

profollicaAmerican studies show that Japanese are the luckiest and begin with hair loss only after the age of 45 years. Unlike Japanese American men begin to bald from the age of 35 years. 25% of Americans suffer from genetic alopecia even before reaching the age of 21 years. In France two men of 3 are supposed to suffer from the same disease, compared to one in five women who experience the same problem.

For women hair loss starts to become annoying once the menopause appear and after 65 years, alopecia affects over 75% of them.

We each have around 100,000 hair follicles. From each follicle can grow many hairs, around 20, throughout our entire life.

Every day hair grows 3-4mm.

Unfortunately these increases do not happen consistently for each thread. Over time hair growth capacity decreases, becoming the most visible lack of hair on the head.

Other causes of hair loss, is a huge list, but most of them can found here, are found rarely. One of the reasons is stress. Everyday stress does not cause massive hair loss. But if it is a shock or a strong stress (eg death of a family member ) then we can talk about a massive breakdown occurs. Another cause could be the result of a drastic regime that led to lose considerable weight. We add at this list also the pollution.

In some rare cases infection or bacteria can affect your hair, chemotherapy response after surgery, thyroid disease, inadequate feeding or effect of drugs (contraceptives or other strong pills).

Painting, cutting it in excess and other hair beautification processes performed inadequately or repeatedly can lead to a degradation of your hair even dropping. If lately you’ve “struggled” too much your hair , now have to wait for healthy hair to grow.


Use Profollica, a treatment shampoo, active gel and natural supplements based mainly on Ginseng and Gingko Biloba, as is written on profollicauk.org.uk/. Profollica brings a lot of benefits to our hair and scalp so after using it, we will not have to hide our hair anymore.


Reduce Hair Loss

Stimulates hair growth

Help anchor the hair follicle by maintaining protein

Reduce the risk of scalp inflammation

What is it for?

Hair treatment for women entering on menopause, for men, for women in general

scalp treatment

The anti-aging hair products

Seasonal hair loss treatment

How spicy is your love life?

August 6th, 2014

Along with the passing of years we grow old too. This means that our bodies become weaker and weaker. But the ageing is not a thing that we can control. No one can stop himself from ageing but we can do some things so our bodies will not be weak even if we age. Now I shall tell you about one of the many problems about ageing and how you can solve it.

hot rawksAs we all already know when we grow old our sexual life is not as it was when we were young. Men no longer have so powerful erections and they start lasting less and less in a sexual encounter and women no longer have a raised libido, they just have many “headaches” and they are no longer feeling so good as they used to.

But… How can we regain the sexual life we had before if we can’t control our ageing? Well, the technology is pretty advanced nowadays and there appeared many treatments that help you maintain your sex drive. Though, are all of them working? This is the problem… Not all of them are working but I found a 100% natural libido enhancer. It is named Hot Rawks and it is a useful treatment for both men and women. It helps men to have harder erection and an increased stamina and women to have a raised libido and much stronger orgasms. It also works as an energy booster for both sexes.

Hot Rawks contains nothing fake. It is the only libido enhancer on the market that contains 100% natural super foods. Please, find more information on www.hot-rawks.net .

What is a super food? Well, a super food is a mix made only of natural foods/herbs that contains a very high level of energy-producing nutrients and minerals and Hot Rawks is THE ONLY libido enhancer that contains them. Think about that.

Even if you have a strong sex drive right now there are very big chances that it will be weaker over the time and most probable you will need Hot Rawks. Anyway it is not expensive at all and is a pretty short treatment. You need to take it only a month and you will feel big differences.

What is Hot Rawks made of? Hot Rawks is made of 100% pure cocoa mixed with other herbs. The cocoa is very important for our bodies because it contains many amino acids that are simulating the dopamine which is a neurotransmitter that emphasizes the feelings of pleasure. It also boosts the adrenaline and contains many proteins that are very important for our bodies.

Why should I choose Hot Rawks instead of any other libido enhancer?

Well, there are many reasons for choosing Hot Rawks. First of all, as I said earlier is that it is 100% natural. Another reason is because it doesn’t have any side effects, therefore you can take it without worrying about your health. The last reason is that it also improves relationships, because sex is a big problem in nowadays relationships.

So, if you feel like you’re growing old and your sex life is degenerating slowly, Hot Rawks is always here for you.

VimaxExtender – love in a couple

August 2nd, 2014

We are different and we understand love differently. Some of us want love and affection to your partner often ends form words. Still others want their partner can express love through words or gestures not only beautiful, but also through actions or facts. Some of us were involved in loving relationships which came out disappointed or hurt. Why? For the other failed to love in the manner that they would have liked and would have expected, that did not feel “enough” love. “He can not love me”, “If I do not look mean really loves me”, “I wish to love me differently”, “I would like to somehow prove their love, not just to say that he loves me … and that “… how many of us have heard these worries and complaints from friends or how many of us have experienced firsthand? Yes. Love has its ways known and unknown, twisted and beaten often inappropriate.

vimax extenderEach person speaks a language basis of love and to feel truly fulfilled and happy in a relationship needs to hear or to receive it from his partner. It can happen that a couple both partners speak different love languages​​, and one of the partners ie to need words of encouragement, and other gestures. We speak all five love languages​​, but one of them will prevail. Each person has certain expectations from the partner and according to these expectations is assessed involvement and love of the partner. Each of the two partners must learn how to express her partner involvement, to express love as they see each other, to understand the language of love that is waiting partner. This is where by the way, a number of things and you wonder whether or not penis size matters. You can insert into your routine VimaxExtender product that corrects penis length is easy to use and provides parties love longer and beautiful. But without changing or without manifest desire to change the other … back … but that is the language of love that you talk about you? What is the language of love that you talk to your partner? And such are brought to a common denominator the two languages​​? How your love gives her partner? How do you express? How he expresses love for you?

Love languages ​​are actually ways verbal and nonverbal communication existing within a couple. Communication is definitely the key to happiness and fulfillment in a relationship, why not in your relationship. She only work when it performs at an optimum level, according to the expectations of both partners, only then may enhance and strengthen emotional ties between the two partners of the couple.

Love, intimacy and sexuality are complicated processes with ups and downs, in which each wheel has to work perfectly. Ability to love each other, as well as the ability to love people and life are active elements in our lives, linked closely together.